Tue, October 15, 2019

Making time to make money

I have something to tell you about time that I bet you have never heard. If you take what we are teaching in this article and apply it, it could literally make you millions over your lifetime. I bet I have your attention now.

When we talk about time, I want to look at free time. “Free time” means that you get to choose what you do. The only schedule you have is thing that you have put in your schedule for yourself: i.e. homework, sports, facebook, etc…

The average teen has about 25 hours during the week (excluding school, eating and sleeping) and about 32 hour each weekend. That is over 50 hours of time, which is more than a lot of people put into a full time job.

What if you just take

    1 hour a day

to focus on your business. Invest that time in things like financial and business education, developing your business.

Here it the amazing part. If you put all of those hours (just one a day and take out holidays) you have over 300 hours in a year. A Master’s of Business Administration only takes 180 hours to complete! (Most people spend 120 one their Bachelor’s Degree and 60 hours on their Master’s work.)

That means you almost literally have enough time in one year of get a complete Master’s degree in Business! (Of course you need a well devised plan.) If you look on our links article, you will see that even Harvard Business school puts many of thier lectures online for free! Imagine having a Harvard education without ever going to Harvard or even paying for it!

The point is, take time to invest in your future. Don’t waste your teen years and think you can do it later. Put action to your dreams now and you will be a success in no time.

If you would like to share your plan on educating yourself in business, we would love to see it. Comment below.

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