Thu, August 22, 2019

New Friend, Connecting with SurferDude001

We connected with a new teen who is doing business. He has a fiverr page and says he owns a social network, so you will need to find out more from him about that.  If you have not found yet, go check it out.  You can hire people to do things for you for $5!

Surferdude had some problems because his phone got reset, but he stuck to it and made this 30 second video for us.  That is a lesson for all of us: Stick to it, even if things don’t work out like you think they should.

We would love to hear from ANY teen who is doing business.  We should have some posts from some friends we have found out there in the world wide web. Stay tuned to hear what other teens are doing (have done) in the world.

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Idiosyncratic Al did for us:


He is 21, so that is close enough to a teen to be on this page!

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