Tue, October 15, 2019

Organizing for Non-Organized Teens

Organization is essential for a business to make the most of its resources. Without it, there could be legal problems or your clients may be dissatisfied and your business has to end.

If I had a mowing business, and was not organized, it could affect my business. I may agree with a client that we would mow the lawn at two o’clock. Since I am not organized, I may forget. That means no pay, client won’t hire me again, and the business gets a bad reputation.

Reputation is really important when it comes to a business. If people see you in a bad way, your business will not last long.

So, let’s give some examples of how to organize. Let’s say you have a lawn mowing business.
• Have some kind of contact list with addresses and phone numbers.
• Information on how much you are charging the client.
• List of any reviews from customers.
• A calendar for dates of jobs.
• Receipts with carbon copies (one for you, one for your client)
• Binder to hold all of this along with business cards, flyers and stuff like that.

(article by Tyloid)

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