Fri, May 29, 2020

Streams of Income

Multiple streams of income means you are getting money in more than one way. Some examples would be Trading time for money Leveraged income Residual income Time value of a dollar The first is “trading time for money.”  This is simply trading your time or services for money; it is what we call a “job.” An […]

Co-op Teams?

Many people were left wondering from my last post, “What’s that is a Co-op team?” First of all, a “Co-op” is a “Cooperation” team.  Each person has a special niche that they focus on.  A co-op team for lawns, might have one person trimming the hedges while another weeds while another mows the lawn.  You may get paid […]

Where to Find Ideas for Your Business

Good foundations make good businesses. When creating a business, check out many public places, like post offices, grocery stores or even gas stations and schools. Often these places will have bulletin boards holding many needs and wants in the community. This free information will oft time be the basis of a teen business. What do […]

Basic HTML Coding

I want to make this series of learning, quick and very practical. You should get a good overview of how to do basic hand coding of web pages. If you need to tweak your own site a little, this series will help you. If you want more help, at the end of each lesson I […]

Basic HTML Coding (part 2)

If you did not do lesson one, you may be a bit confused. You should already have a document set up. You will want to open your text document. Right click on test.htm, “open with,” “notepad.” It should look like this or whatever parts you changed. We are going to take the next step of […]


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