Thu, August 13, 2020

Basic Financial/Accounting Terms for Teens

This article is meant as a starting point for those wanting to know more about business finances and accounting.  The list does not cover everything.  We wanted to get the essential words and keep it simple.  Make sure to check out our other sections on Business Terms and Marketing Terms.  Note: Terms are not in alphabetical […]

10 Tips on Having Something Worth Saying

Whether in business, politics, church or school, you have to have something to say or no one will listen to you.  As a teen, it is even more important to use your words wisely.  Here are some tips when meeting with any adult about an idea that you may have:  Do your homework.  (Not from […]

10 Tips for Presenting Ideas on Paper

When presenting, be quick and get to the point, especially when dealing with professionals. Use words to fit your idea.  If it is art, use creative words. If it is drafting use precise word.  Make sure your words fit your ‘audience.’ Don’t use a lot of pictures.  Charts speak well to professionals. Do not use […]

10 Tips for Talking With Professionals

We posted an article Talking so people will listen.  This article is a follow up dealing specifically with the fact that the people you really want to listen to you, are usually professionals. Make an appointment with an older person and ask his/her opinions, especially in the area of business you interested in. Learn their […]

Talking so people listen

If you want people to listen there are two basic rules: – Have something worth saying – Be willing to listen to others People listen to people who listen to them.  Did you get that?  Listening to other people is the best way to get them to listen to you.  Take time to get to […]


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