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Parents won’t believe it

One of the things we want to do here on this page is help you deal with issues that may come up. This week, one of our members invited a new teen to our upcoming meeting. His parents said they did not believe teens could be in business. They would not let him go to a meeting that they did not believe in. WOW!

Here are some tips about when parents don’t believe you: (this goes for any adult, but we will use parents for this article)

1. Adults find it hard to believe teens can do business. Some find it impossible to think of their teens doing something bigger than what they are doing. Some have had experiences where business did not work for them, so certainly it will not work for teesn. Whatever the reason, respect your parents. Show them with your ideas and seriousness.

2. Pull out your business plan. When parents see that you actually thought through your idea, they will be impressed. I mean, if you can not even pick up your sockes each day, but you hand them a ten page outline of your business proposal you have thrown them for a loop.

3. Talk to them. Really? Do I have to say it? I know talking to parents is hard sometimes. The things that you stand up for show them what you value. Talk with respect and be willing to hear their side of it. If you start out with, “I want to do busines and you’re not gonna stop me,” it probably won’t get far. However, if you respectfully set up a specific time to talk to your parents and start off with something like, “I understand you do not believe teens can do business. I would like to hear your thoughts about it,” you will go much further.

4. What if your parents won’t listen to you? For some parents, it takes time. Show your seriousness by learning about busines: read the paper, search online, enroll in a business course, join a business club. You can start by reading books for free from the library (I suggest starting with How to Win Friends and Influence People.” It will help you respond to your parents better.) Your parents probably want to see that you will continue your school work take this ‘new thing’ seriously. You can even sign up for an entrepreneur course online (see link to the left).

5. Show them others. Pull up this webpage to a business article. Share stories of other successful teens (we will be developing a page for this soon!). Pull articles from online about teens in business. Be careful not to show them the paer route, lawnmower and babysitting businesses. It tends to be cliche and puts an old mindset to the thougts of teens in business. (There is nothing wrong with these as a business, but our goal is to push past the ‘expected’ teen business ideas.)

6. Be able to spell “Entrepreneur.” When you understand the word and can spell it, you have gone past the stereotypical ideas of teens in business. Being an entrepreneur means so much more than just a teen in business. Now you are a teen who is empowered to look for opportunities and engage in business intellectually. (Another good book about this is “Rich Dad, Poor Dad.” It has some great ideas and illustrations about how he overcame his parent’s thinking about business and money.)

The key is to take action on your belief. I personally think there is enough information on Teen Business Central to give anyone a good foundation to understanding business. It is not easy, but the more you learn and share with other teens the better equipped you will be to communicate with parents and other adults.

BTW: All of the books mentioned are listed on our books page. Visit it for a brief overview of the book. I bet many of your libraries have these book or you can get them online for less than ten books.

What has worked for you in dealing with your parents? If you are still having trouble, let us know and maybe we can come up with a few more suggestions together. Comment below!

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4 Comments to “Parents won’t believe it”

  1. david says:

    hi , i’m david , and i’m from a malaysia , age 17
    i am not a really bright student , i sucks caused i not that good in mathematics ,
    and i took an interst in entreprenuership last year , and have been through lots since , i have read countless books , and had multiple big grand buisness ideas , and from the encouragement i get from the books i even secretly set up doing customer surveys during certain events and the feedback was great!
    my projects are grand & daring , but i’m confident in every way that i will succeed !
    but on the other hand , a lot of people in my country are not really aware of entrepreneurship , not to mention from “rich dad , poor dad , ” a lot of people i know , and graduates from my school are all “e” or “s” -employees & specialist .

    A lot of people are stuck in the study study get good grades , work work work cycle .
    From my schoolteachers i asked them what happen to all the good grades students who graduate from school where do they all end up , and mostly all of them are just normal uni grad working normal jobs ….

    i don’t want to be like them… i know i have potential & my poteintial is i dream big , and failing in algrebra is not one of my major concerns cause different ppl , different strenghts right?

    nw my parents focus on uni , in their eyes uni degree is the only ticket to success , but i see a lot of ppl who do not have uni degrees succeed while those have just live normal lives?
    i am unable to open up to them , and not to mention i am from a strong buisness family background , our company specialize in ceramic tiles … i am the oldest son and a lot is expected from me , all eyes are on me , and in is my job and duty to make my parents and grandparents proud ! what do u think?

    pls comment , sry for all the sudden rush of info ….


    regards ,

  2. lylizm says:

    No rush of info, we love to hear from people just like you.

    Just keep plugging away. It takes time as a young person to gain resprect from those who are older than you.

    As far as Mathmatics, just do you best. Later, when you are successful, you can hire and accountant. In the mean time, work hard at learning because knowlege will take you far.

    Who knows? You may be just the person to take your family business to the next stage.

    Make sure to ‘like’ us on Facebook if you have an account. We put quotes up every weekday so that it can be an inspiration to teens. It is hard to keep motivated when you feel like you are in it all alone.

    Know you are among friends here on our page.

  3. mohizzle says:

    hello friend.

    I think it is awesome that you’re so interested in business and I really admire your self-confidence…It is something that I find myself lacking at times.

    I’m 15 and I totally get you on the “parents wanting you to go to universities or else fail thing.” And if you’re like me then I’m sure you are very much pressured by it. but I say “Hang tough” stick with your dream and accomplish it! you WILL succeed.

  4. Naticus says:

    David your dedication and confidence is very exciting. The way you have such confidence in your dreams is encouraging.

    But don’t rule out college because your college degree is always something you can fall back on. Failure leads to success and you will succeed!

    Look forward to how your business(entrepreneurship) ideas develop.


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