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Hello parents! I hope you will support your teen as he/she learns about business.

Our goal is to give your teens the tools they need to learn business all in one place and all for free.  We would love to help you as you help your teen take steps towards their future success.

When I was a teen, I did not have any cool resources like this to help me on my journey.  So, I helped create this page and make it FREE to teens.  We may have some special courses for sell. some sponsored links to the right or we may mention a few tools in our articles, but basically, everything on this page is free.  Anything that is bought from our page goes to support teen business, whether it be helping teens directly, creating products or administration of this page.

My goal, as the adult leader of this group, is to get teen and parents working together.  Think about it, if your teen becomes a success,he/she can better take care of you when you are older…just kidding, but it is something to think about.

If you want to learn more about the ‘adult’ of the group, feel free to visit my page here.  In the meantime, below are some PARENT FAQ’s created just for you.

Feel free to contact me with any questions or suggestions you may have on our contact page.


-Lyle “lylizm”



We realize that a lot of parents will have questions about Teen Business Central.  We hope that this page will help you understand us a little more.

1.  Will this cost me any money?  The number one question we get from parents is, “how much will this cost?”  The simple answer is NOTHING.  It will cost some time and effort.  We understand parents concern about people taking advantage of children.  We understand and have done our best to protect any teen who works with us.   We do not ask teens to give any money to become a member.  Sometimes we have ‘programs’ that teens can participate in to earn money, but they do not usually cost anything.  Our goal is to show teens how to leverage their time and skills to make a little bit of money at a time.  This page is devoted to learning skills in leadership and business and is not a get rich quick scheme.

2.  Can parents be involved?  Yes.  As a matter of fact, no teen can participate in one of our programs without parental consent.  We have forms that needs to be filled out and signed by parents.  We encourage teens to work with their parents in as they begin their ‘business.’  We love to see teens who can learn and work along side their parents.  Teens and parents can use our page as a resource and never have to talk to us.  However, we would love to know how things are going and how we can help you better.

3.  Can teens actually start a business?  Yes.  Teens have more time and are not as afraid of taking action where adults may wait.  It is a learning process.  They may fail, but they can start again.  Teens act on what they believe.  We are here to  help give them direction on their dreams and goals.  We are not perfect, we just like to ‘help teens succeed.’  The time teens need an adult is for things like bank accounts and legal documents.

4.  Why would you create page like this for free?  Many people think there has to be a catch and that no one would create a page like this for free.  Well, we are not like ‘most’ people.  Our joy comes out of creating a page where teens can learn without having to pay for something.  Many teens do not have access to money, but they should be given the same opportunities as anyone else.

5.  How do you pay for this page?  First, our ‘adult sponsor’ chips in.  Also, we have ‘sponsored links’ on the left side where you can purchase something if you want.  A little bit of each sale goes to help teens succeed.  For instance, if you purchase on, please use our link.  It does not cost you any more money and it helps us provide opportunities for teens because Amazon gives us an ‘ad fee’ for every purchase made through our link.

5.  Who is the adult of this team and why is he helping?  His name is Lyle.  He is an ordained minister with a Master’s Degree who has worked with teens professionally for over fifteen years.  He has a heart to help teens succeed in all areas of life.  When Lyle was young, he created business ideas and even acted on some of them.  They did not work out too well when he had no help from adults.  As he and the students created this page (see our About page), he thought back to those days and wondered what kind of things would have helped him become a better leader and go further with his ideas.  Lyle even puts some of his own money into this page and works on his own blog at

Please visit our FAQ page for more info.

If you still have questions or would like to know more about what we do and how we do it, please send us an email us info[at]teenbusinesscentral[dot]com or leave a comment below.

We would love to talk to you directly so that you can help your teen succeed.

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