Mon, November 18, 2019

Pinterest for teen business


Just imagine walking in your school and seeing a giant bulletin board that was turned into a huge billboard just for your company.  That is what Pinterest can do for the right teen entrepreneur.

If you have not come across Pinterest, let me tell you what it is first.  Basically, it is like a large digital bulletin board.  You post pics of things you like, or things you want to do or whatever.  So, can you use it for business, ABSOLUTELY!

Here are just a few ways that you can use it to gain traffic and maybe get your name out there:

  • Use it like a digital sales magazine for the items that your company offers.
  • Use it to highlight suppliers where you gathers supplies (think affiliate links)
  • Use it for connecting to your target market better.
  • Use it for dream building and post all the things you may want.
  • Use it for motivation.  Post dreams, goals and motivational artwork or quotes

If you get hold of the power of this new tool and be one of the first people to really catch on to the possibilities, who knows how quickly it will grow.

Use creativity and don’t just sell and you will find people clammoring to get what you have to offer.

So, go make a pinterest and let us know about it.  Facebook us your pinterest or leave a link in our comments.

Make it happen and why not use Pinterest as one of your free tools.

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