Tue, October 15, 2019


What is proactive? Acne meds? Chalk proactive not reactive

Okay, it is the name of a brand of acne gunk, but what  proactive really is, is taking the first steps towards something without prompting.

A prime example of this is last Wednesday I went to youth group, and decided to be helpful towards others. So I put peoples jackets on the back of their chairs without them being asked and I turned off the air-hockey table when someone had forgotten to turn it off the moment I noticed it. I also closed the youth room doors immediately, instead of waiting for someone else.

Got a picture now? Good. Not going over it again, sorry.

 So, how do we become proactive people who help others and advance towards our goals without a push?

 First, think before you act, don’t act rash, and act upon your deepest convictions.

 Next, you need to actually look around for opportunities to do something.  Either set yourself up to do them or do them immediately.

 Lastly, to stay proactive and ready for anything, remember these things/do these things:

  • Remember that you cannot control others actions, only your own.
  •  Do not worry about what you cannot control or influence.
  •  Always be looking for something to do. For all the gamers out there, if you’ve noticed in almost any game, if you’re not doing something all the time, you’re probably losing.
  • Remember that failures are not the end of your life. (with certain exceptions, obviously a parachute failure  will probably be the end of your life, just saying)

Remember that you can be knocked down, but you make yourself by how you handle it. 

You can choose to react and wait for things to happen or be proactive and make things happen!

Hope this helps


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