Tue, September 17, 2019

Making Resolutions that Stick!

new year resolutions commitWe make resolutions each year at New Years Day, but why don’t they stick?

Here are some quick tips to make resolutions stick.

  • Know what you want. If you just have a general idea, you don’t really know if and when you will complete it.  If you want to read more this year, go to your library and make a list of books you want to read: one book a month?  When you take action, to dig a little deeper, on your resolutions, resolutions become real.
  •  “See” your resolutions.  Post your new goals anywhere you will see them.  Use quotes, pictures, videos, or whatever it takes to inspire you.  The more you surround yourself with what you want the more likely it is to happen.  If you can ‘see’ it happening, you can make it happen.  Your brain does not know the difference and you will succeed.
  • Reward Yourself.  When you want your dog to repeat a trick, you give him a treat.  It works for people too!  A reward will trigger your brain to thinking you are doing good and give you a sense of accomplishment and you will be more likely to keep your resolution
  • Find the solution.  The word ‘resolution’ has a similar meaning to “solving a problem.” Take your resolution and find out how you can actually accomplish it.  If you can’t break it into action steps on how you will accomplish this task, you may not be ready to make it your resolution.
  • Involve others.  If you are going to make a resolution, tell others.  I knew a teen who wanted to quit cussing.  When he told his friends, they constantly reminded him when he slipped.  It worked and he was able to quit cussing.  He had a constant reminder from friends who wanted to help him do better and be better.  If you want to hold true to your commitment, enlist people who care about you and want to help you do better.  Have them think of ways to help you, for instance a text reminder from a friends will give you little boosts to remind you that you can do it.

If you want this year to be better, you have to be better.

Are you ready to join me and make this year better?

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