Mon, November 18, 2019

Sniffing Out Your Purpose


I was eight and a half when I found my true purpose: I was meant to be a super hero.  I remember it like it was yesterday. I told everyone I was almost nine years old since everyone knows you round up when you are eight and a half. 

I was helping my Great Aunt Jo (‘great’ meaning ‘old,’ not great meaning the coolest, but she was pretty cool).  We were all carrying our load of grocery bags.  We walked into a dark house and no one could see.  I had hands full, “what could I do?”  Then, I remembered, “I have a big nose.”

I clicked on the light with the greatest of ease.  I knew I had a big nose for a reason.  I imagined myself in a yellow suite with a purple cape and a mask that covered everything but my nose.  I would go around and help people out when they needed a extra . . uh. . nose?

I quickly figured out that I could just use my hands, but I would still look cool in that suit.  Besides, I could not think of a cool superhero name.  SuperNose, just did not have a good ring to it.

I was not a superhero, but I learned something amazing: I had a purpose!  I would spend the rest of my days deciding why God created me the way I am. ADD, ADHD, big nose, skinny ol’ me, had a purpose. 

So how can you begin to find your purpose?

  • List three characteristics that make you different than everyone else.
  • List three skills that you do well.
  • List three things you would like to do.


After you list these, talk to your parents, friends or someone who believes in you.  If you want, you can list them below in the comments and we will see if we can come up with some ideas together.

After thot: If you know why you were created the way you were, find a way to help others.  Those that help others ultimately help themselves.  I like to tell teens, “find something you enjoy doing and find a way to honor God with it.”  Since He created you, He knows best what you are good at!

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