Mon, November 18, 2019

Start to Finish

It seems like the title is saying we will cover things from start to finish, but actually, I want to show you a neat trick to help you beat procrastination and get your projects done quicker than usual.

The priniciple is easy: set a goal of when you will ‘start.’

It is that simple.  When we think about doing a project, sometimes we get caught up in how it is going to work and how we will finish it and our brain gets kind of stuck there, so we procrastinate. I was talking to a teen and he said, “You know what I have noticed, people procrastinate with things that are even more boring than the things they are supposed to be doing.”  He is right.

It is like a lion in the circus.  They put a stool in front of him.  When he comes towards them, they pick up the stool.  The four legs of the stool confuse the brain of the lion and he can not attack.  The same thing happens in your brain when you have a project to do.  Whether it is school or business, you can get trapped by ‘having to finish.’  The key is to focus on starting.  It is simple, but it works.

Quick tip: set a specific time to start, a specific place where all your stuff is and know what specifically you will start.

You won’t get bogged down in the details and you will make it happen even faster, just get started.

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