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Stress Management – 5 Tips for Teen Entrepreneurs

5 Teen Entrepreneurs Stress Management Tips

Starting a business is stressful enough. Starting a business as a teenager is even more so. It takes a lot of energy and ambition to become a teen entrepreneur, and while you likely have the intelligence and drive to create a successful business, it can be hard to find coping strategies to deal with the financial and emotional stress that starting a business entails.

There’s no secret formula for managing stress. If you find that skipping stones at the local park on weekends is calming, then you should skip stones at the local park on weekends. As long as you’ve found a stress release mechanism that is both a healthy and safe outlet, it’s worth investigating. But for all teen entrepreneurs, the following are five important tips for living a stress-free life.

  • ·         Have a Personal Life – It is absolutely crucial that you allow yourself to have a personal life. Your ambition and drive can cause you to put your heart and soul into your business, but there needs to be some knowledge that you have a life outside work. See your friends no matter how stressed you may be. Exercise often. Play sports if you enjoy sports. Whatever it takes to make sure that some percentage of your life is spent focused only on your happiness is a crucial component of living with less stress.
  • ·         Delegate Unimportant Tasks – There are numerous tasks that you must do as a teen entrepreneur that are time consuming but otherwise unimportant. There are often numerous ways you can outsource these tasks. Virtual assistants can handle issues like organizing files and finding leads, for example, all with little cost. With fewer unimportant tasks, you’ll be less affected by the stress of the issues you take into your own hands.
  • ·         Schedule Time Off – Much like having a personal life, you also need to be able to take complete breaks from your business. That means that you should give yourself a weekend, a lunch break, etc. You should also schedule this time as though it’s a task for your business, and not something optional that you do if you have a free moment. Often you’ll find that if you treat it like a task you must do, the time becomes available.
  • ·         Leverage Personal Contacts – Often you’ll find that your network of friends and family want to help you with your projects. If they have skills that can help, work with them. Don’t allow yourself to take on everything yourself if you have viable options out there that are willing to dedicate time to help you. This will reduce the burden you carry on yourself.
  • ·         Prioritize Time Strategies – How you spend your time plays a key role in your stress management. Yet it’s not uncommon to find that you do things as they occur, rather than prioritizing the in blocks. One strategy that comes highly recommended is to always block away time for specific tasks. For example, it’s rare that you need to respond to an email within minutes, so you should close out your email and schedule time to check it and respond. That will keep you from finding your work quite so hectic, and make it easier to manage your time (and ultimately your stress level).

There are also several relaxation strategies you can try as well, such as deep breathing, visualization, and progressive muscle relaxation. All of these are successful tools for maintaining an emotionally healthy lifestyle.

Becoming a Stress Free Business Leader

Your stress will help you become a better business leader, because you’ll have an easier time taking on challenges if you are as emotionally and mentally healthy as possible. But being a business leader is also about reaching your goals and finding happiness. If you allow yourself to experience a great deal of stress, especially as a young entrepreneur, you’ll find it much harder to experience that joy. Work on your stress every day, and your business and your personal life will improve as a result.

About the Author: Ryan Rivera is an entrepreneur and anxiety attacks specialist that provides tips and tools for dealing with stress at

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