Tue, October 15, 2019

Strong Motivation

If you want to be motivated ARM yourself!arm wrestlers with Action Results and Motivation

I don’t mean to go down to your local Walmart and buy some guns or anything like that.  I am talking about a simple process that gets you going.

ARM  stands for Action, Result, and Motivation.  Action leads to Results which creates Motivation.  The funny thing is that Motivation only comes after Action has been started, then that Motivaton leads back to Action.  It gets you going.

Many times we want to put things off, we make excuses and we just don’t go anywhere.  I understand putting things off…I once sorted my socks at 11pm with a ten page paper due the next morning!

Here is where this becomes a powerful concept:  Do it!  Take Action.

When you take action, things happen.  It is these little successes that will keep you motivated and moving towards your successful future.

I know you can do it.  Use the logo I created off to the right.  It may inspire you to take aciton before you end up arm wrestling… wait, I mean, it may help inspire you to take action so that you can be a success.  Go ahead, try it, I dare you.  Make it happen!

In your opinion, what is the easiest way to set aside your thoughts and laziness and take action?

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3 Comments to “Strong Motivation”

  1. TBC says:

    I have to give props on this one. I was having a crummy day. I did not want to do anything. I went ahead and wrote this article. I did not want to, but once I got it started, it just flowed. When I was finished, I felt so much better. I knew I could accomplish something more. Once I stopped thinking about it and took action, I got results.

  2. Naticus says:

    I can totally tell that the ideas were flowing when you wrote this article! In my own opinion the easiest way that I set aside my laziness and take action is by visualizing the outcome. When I can see the outcome it motivates me to take action. I’m not really an actions first kind of person but I do think that acting first could have its benefits. I will try it out this week.

  3. Jarod says:

    Good stuff and how did that go Nat?


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