Tue, October 15, 2019

Success = Time

“Time is like that dog at your friends house. If you turn your back on him, he will bite you in the behind.”

So, you want more time? I totally agree. We all have 24 hours in each day, but there are some little tricks that can get you heading in the direction of success.

Let’s take a look at the average week of a teen (don’t worry about the math, we do it for you). Start with 168 hours (24 hours, 7 days a week): take out 8 hours for school five days a week (-40); take out 8 hours of sleep a day seven days a week (-56); take out about two hours a day for eating and things like that (-14) and we are left with a whopping 58 hours.

I know some of this might hurt, but if you take little steps now, your future will look brighter and brighter.

• Friends are important. I want you to know upfront that friends are important, especially to teens. Just don’t let your friend bring you down or suck up all of your time on things that may keep you from success.
• Social Media: Most social media is all about the moment. If you only log on at certain times, you will literally save hours a day reading and responding to what Suzy had for lunch or what Bobby thought of the new movie. We don’t really need to know most Facebook posts the immediate time it is posted.
• The time you spend now learning to be successful will pay huge rewards as you get older. Even if you just carve out ten minutes a day to learn about leadership or business, it would be worth your time. (Read an article a day from TBC and you will have a great foundation for any business.)
• Combine things. We love to multi-task, so find things that you can do at the same time. I knew a guy who was a slow reader. So, he would rip out pages of his book and put them in his pocket. When he was waiting in a line or in the potty, he would pull the pages out to read them. I asked him, “What good is a book if it is all tore up?” He answered, “What good is a book if you don’t read it?” (BTW, did I tell you that this guy was a multi-millionaire?)
• Watch your up and down times. Everyone has ‘rhythms’ in their day. Some people are really energetic at night, others in the morning. Use those times when you are more likely to be up and energetic. Put some time in doing something leading you towards success during those times of high energy. You will feel good about doing it and the buzz from getting it done will energize the rest of your day.
• Stop. Take time to just be still. Many people pray. It relaxes your brain, calms your nerves and even makes your brain work better. Taking time each day to get in touch with your spiritual side can only make you a better you.
• Set goals. Let me make this one simple. On Sunday night or sometime Monday, sit down and write anything you want to get done that week. Maybe you want to read a chapter a day in a book about leadership; maybe you want to research one hour a day on a new business idea you have; maybe you have some chores that need to get done so your parents will quit bugging you about it. . . whatever it is, if you write it down, you are more likely to get it done.

I hope these tips help a little. In our frantically busy world, knowing how to get a grasp on your time management will be well worth your time.

Something to think about: If you were getting paid $100 for each hour that you actually worked towards being successful, would you be willing to waste time and get nothing?

Let us know which tip works best for you.

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  1. tyloid says:

    Wow good article i enjoyed it


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