Tue, October 15, 2019

Surviving a Bullfight

I hope you never get in a fight with a bull, unless you are a matador, then Ole!  But, if you do get in a fight with a bull, there is a secret to how to win.  It is called a “querencia.” 

A querencia is the place where the bull always returns.  When the bull gets fightened, he goes there to regroup.  When he gets hit, he goes there to regroup.  When he is loosing, the bull always goes to the same spot.

Do you see how silly this is?  A bull who knows he is on his last leg goes back where the bullfighter will know where he is!  It sounds so silly, till we think about our own lives.

When things get tough, we all go to the same place.  Our brains try to protect us, so we go where we feel safe.  There is nothing wrong with that, if you want to stay the same and never grow.

If something scares you or you are on the verge of success and things are not working like you expected to them, you will react the same way you have always reacted.  You may yell, fight, give up or just check out.  It is your own personal querencia.

Here is where the real secret of success comes in . . . ready for it?

Don’t do that!  Do something different when things scare you.

When you get in those same patterns of things that scare you, face them!  We like to pre-think our way to failure.  Stop, take a breath and start saying “I can do this, I can succeed, I can overcome, I will be a success.  I am a success!”

I just heard a very famous brain doctor who is paid bunches of money to speak.  During one of his first speaking jobs, he almost walked out of the studio and went home.  He may never have spoken again if he stayed in this pattern.  Instead, he faced his fear, stood his ground and is a very successful person today.  People love to hear him speak.

What makes you scared?  Are you ready to face it or will you just be a bull that keeps getting beat down because he keeps going down the same path with the same results?

I believe you can make it happen!


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