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6 Tips for talking with parents (and other adults)

Whether you want a puppy or a chance to stay out past curfew, getting on the good side of your parents always helps. Take these tips seriously. They will help you with parents and they will help you in the future as you talk to people in business.

1. Parents want to see that they have done a good job. Be kind to someone in front of them, use your manners, open the door for your Mom, things like that makes them think that they taught you well and you are learning.
2. Look them in the eyes. It is a respect thing to look someone in the eyes. We are so busy looking at screens we sometimes forget that we should be looking at the person talking. This is especially important with parents.
3. Make sure you are not distracted. If you are playing a game, you are telling your parents that they are not important. Push pause when they come to talk to you. It will show them they are important to you and they will be more likely to listen to you next time you have something to say.
4. Repeat or summarize. If you are trying to get something or your parents are giving you something to do, restate what you heard. It clarifies communication and helps to let your parent hear what you heard. Remember, sometimes you and them are talking different languages.
5. Try to see things from their point of view. You may not agree with what they are saying, but if you understand where they are coming from, you can better communicate what you want. Don’t manipulate, but be informed.
6. Write it down. If you are talking to your parents about more than one thing, type it up and post it on your fridge. It will remind your parents that you are taking what they said seriously and they will see the part they agreed to.

As teen it feels like we are speaking a different language than our parents. It is hard to communicate if you are not understanding each other. It can really be frustrating when you want them to stop treating you like a kid. So, put these pointers into practice and in no time your parents will notice you.

Feel free to share what happened when you tried one or all of these tips.

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2 Comments to “6 Tips for talking with parents (and other adults)”

  1. tyloid says:

    Thanks for the article with my experience with parents i’ve done most of these things and i think that they are correct.

    I did want to add one thing don’t manipulate your parents even though you know how it does not mean that you should.

  2. TBC says:

    Good word Tyloid. I love it when someone adds to the list.


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