Sat, December 7, 2019

The WHO behind success

three guys with targets

I know when we start a business, we want everyone to buy our product.  Business just does not work that way.

Here is a sobering thought:  You can not sell to everyone.

You have to pick the ‘who’ that you will sell your product or service.  Pick a customer that would be ‘most likely’ to buy your product.

For instance, let’s say I sell bulldog bumper stickers.  I think they are so cool everyone should have them.  I throw my advertising around and find that only a few people bought them.  Then, I think about the who.  I think that people who own bulldogs would probably buy them.  So, I put my marketing efforts in pet stores and around dog parks.  Then, I create a Facebook page for people who love bulldogs.  Before I know it, the bumper stickers are selling themselves.  The ‘who’ began sharing in their bulldog community and the word spread.

Don’t you wish all business was that easy?  It can be.

Find your who, the target market, and focus your marketing efforts directly at those people.  Before long, you will have your business right in front of the people who will actually buy your product or service.

Make it happen: find your who and research as much as you can about them.  This will give you your ‘ideal’ customer, so you can begin strategizing about how to reach them.

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