Tue, September 17, 2019

Tips to Getting Noticed Online

green light for traffic

In today’s world of online business, even those with buildings need to be noticed online.  Today, you will get some basic tipss for increasing your online marketing.  We call it the ‘Green Light to Traffic.”  Just like cars going down the road, they need a green light to move forward.  This is your green light to get people to your site.

Let’s start with the bare basic terms:

  • “Traffic’ is the amount of people coming to your site
  • “Targeted” means these are people who are interested in what you offer: so if you have a web site about building cars, you find traffic that deals with building card, car parts, rebuilding cars, etc
  • “Spam” means that you go to a site just to sell or get traffic: don’t do this!  The key is to offer value, then let them know about your product.

Here are some basic areas that work well to gain traffic and get noticed online.  PLUS THEY ARE ALL FREE!!

  • Commenting: any time you read a blog or watch a youtube video make sure to comment.  Get your name out there and make a statement.  Don’t just say ‘Nice video.”  Add to the content, give your opinion. . . your goal should be to make the blog of video better by your interaction.
  • Social Sites:  Sites like Facebook, Tumblr, GooglePlus. . . join groups that have to do with your website.  Interact and join in the conversations.  Only then, mention what you do, or put it in a signature.
  • Forums: join top forums in your area of interest.  Add to the conversation, ask questions and answer other people.  Use your signature to tell who you are and what you offer.
  • Yahoo Answers:  If you specialize in a service or product, use your knowlege.  Even though you are a teen, you have much to add.  Let’s say you run a blog about health. . like our new friend Brian Greco.  He talks about healthy eating and even has a book.  He can use Yahoo to answer quetions about healthy eating, then he can point out that if they want more information, they can check out his blog and his book.

There are thousands of other ways to get traffic. In our experience, these are some of the quickest/easiest way for teens to engage people online.

One last thought:   The key to any kind of marketing is to be yourself.  Present who you are and what you do. 

ACTION STEP: choose one of these things that you have not tried and add it to your teen business arsenal. 

I know you can do it, if you make it happen!

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