Tue, October 15, 2019

Using the “F” word in business

There are not a lot of places where you can use the “F” word, but if you can learn to harness its power in starting your own business, you can go far.

Yes, we are talking about the word that makes or breaks many people who want to start their own business: “fun.”

It is hard to keep yourself motivated if you do not have fun in what you do. No one wants to get a job, but if you can find something you enjoy, how cool would that be making money doing that!? Find a way to make money from the things that excite you and go for it. Worse thing that could happen is you can have some fun!

Here is a good example. Will is a friend of mine who is fifteen. He went into a hobby shop and saw that they had a new RC helicopter. He asked if he could fly it. The owner was impressed with his flying skills and hired him to fly their planes. (Yes, did you know they hire people to fly their planes? You just have to have the skills.)

Eventually, Will got involved with RC cars and now he has a job where he can play and have fun. It is all the things he enjoys: flying, taking things apart, electronics, fast motors . . . and if Will wants he can now start his own ‘fix’em up’ business pretty easily.

I hope this article helps you think about the things you can do for fun. Let us know how you made money having fun, or tell us what you think is fun and maybe we can help you find a way to make money with it (legal stuff only please).

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1 Comment to “Using the “F” word in business”

  1. Naticus says:

    Without that ‘f’ word business would get so boring so fast. The real-time example really adds value and credibility to the post.


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