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How to make videos for business (session 2)

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In our first video we talked about the types of videos that you can do for business.  Today, we will share some tips on the bare basics of getting started in filming.  That is a big myth.  As a matter of fact, just last week I was talking to a client and I suggested that videos will help him in his online marketing.  He asked me, “Don’t you need like, really good lighting and a studio and everything to make a video?”

Today, I will answer that question, just for you!

Simply put, no.  You don’t need a hollywood studio to produce good videos.  There are some things you want to take into consideration to make the best video possible with the least amount of money possible…and we will cover those now.

First tip I would have it to, start with what you have.  Don’t go out and buy fancy (or just better) equipment until you have a good ‘following’ to your videos.  In other words, don’t get ahead of yourself.  A basic web cam and a couple of well placed lamps could work just fine to get started.

Here are some tips to consider when doing online videos:

  • Audio must be clear.  It is important that people hear you clearly.  If you mic does not work well, you need to speak louder or get closer.  Eventually getting a better microphone will help a ton, but it is not necessary.  If you get a camera and it has a good microphone, you are set.  If you have to buy one, they can cost around thirty dollars for a basic lapel mic or get a good ‘yeti’ microphone for around one hundred dollars.
  • Lighting must be balanced.  If you don’t have good lighting, go outside.  The sun is the best light you can use.  Go to a quiet park or find a spot in your back yard.  If you do shoot inside, set up a couple of lamps of equal brightness.  Put them slightly in front of you and on each side.  Look at your camera vewfinder and make sure the lighting is equal.  This is pretty simple and you can search online for lots of tips on lighting.
  • Background must be free from distractions. It is important that you pay attention to what is around you.  If you are shooting in your bedroom and your computer is in front of your bed, at least make your bed.  You don’t want a lot of clutter behind you because it will distract from your video.  When shooting inside, consider being against a wall or hanging up a sheet for a background.  Make sure it is smooth and looks good, so people think you are a pro.  I would not suggest using your Barney sheets, thoght.  Also, if you shoot outside, pay attention to what is behind you.  We have all seen those videos where some kid is jumping around and take the attention away from what the videographer is saying.
  • Cameras are cheaper than you think. In this session, we won’t get into all the details of picking the right camera.  Let me point out some basics.  First, do your research.  Look on sites like Amazon and see what others are saying about the camera.  Basically, if you are doing all the things above, most new cameras will do more than you want.  I would suggest finding a camera that has an ‘external microphone jack’ so if you buy a mic later, you can plug it in.
  • Editing software can be free.  Most computers come with basic software that will make basic  editing easy.  I use a PC and windows movie maker is free.  Get used to these programs and see what kinds of features you would like.  Then, do some research and find the software that fits your need.  Honestly, unless you are doing major hollywood style special effects, you can buy some really good software for around one hundred dollars.  And some of those softwares even have some fancy editing functions.
  • Tripods help a bunch.   If you are shooting with a hand held camera, get a tripod.  They only cost like ten bucks for a basic one or you can pick one up at a thrift store.  This is one part of equipment that I suggest you have handy whenever you are ready to shoot.  You don’t want to make the people who watch your video get sea sick from your bouncing camera handling, do you?

I hope this helps you think through videos.  It does not have to be complicated.  The key is to get out there and make some videos. In the rest of our series we will be giving some tips and talking about how to make your video stand out among all those thousands of videos that are going online each day.

Get a camera, even if you have to borrow one, and make videos happen!  Then, share a link to your video so we can see you.

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