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Using videos for business

video marketing picEveryone wants to know how to make money online and teens love videos.  Why not find out how to make money with vidoes?

This will be a short series that will build up some basic knowlege of using videos for business.  If you learn these things, you can literally make lots of money by making videos for businesses.

Just today I heard some stats…I know we don’t like math, but if it makes us money we may want to pay attention.

  • 52% of all internet traffic is videos
  • 12% of internet traffic is going to Youtube
  • Over 70% of online users frequently watch videos

Videos are important.  Google thought it was so important that it bought Youtube!

For our first in this series, let’s see what kind of videos we can make for business.

  • Animation Video – There are some online places where you can create your own animated video for free.  Xtranormal is one of these.  Most of them give you credits and you can earn credits for more characters and for uploading to youtube or even for inviting friends.  You will need these credits to have some good vidoes, but you can usually find free specials.
  • Animoto Style – Basically, this type of vidoe goes through slides and pictures with words.  You don’t even need a video camera to do one of these videos.  If you want, you can use an online program or even just use your own video editing software.  Think of it like a flip book or a power point presentation.
  • How to – You may not know it, but many viral videos are viral videos.  A viral video is a video people like to share.  Yes, we have all seen the funny videos with crazy stunts, but I am talking about a video that people share because it helps others.  You can literally become famous by sharing with others your skills.  You can share anything from gaming tips to make up styles to how to fix a car.
  • ScreenCapture – Just like it says, a software ‘captures’ everything that happens on your screen.  The best way to use this is to show people how to use programs and just record your voice.  There are a lot of paid versions, but there are some free ones. Here is a free one called Jing, that will do up to 5 minutes screen capture.  Again, this one can be done without a video camera.  You can even record your voice on your cell phone and put that on you computer.
  • Live Action – You need a camera with this one.  You take the camera out and shoot videos of whatever is going on.  You can do funny videos with friends, reviews of stores or restaurants, and all kinds of fun creative things.  People like the spontaneous video and who knows what you may find on your journey.
  • Scripted – Type up a script and act it out.  This could be a monologue (one person reading or speaking), or it could be a full blown skit with costumes, make-up and all kinds of fun things.
  • Interview – Get a video camera, or two and video yourself asking questions with someone.  If you really want to get fancy on this one, have one camera on you, one on the other person and one in the middle focused on both of you.  It is like a news report on TV and looks really cool when you edit it.  If you only have one camera, video the other person and after you are done, turn the camera on yourself and video you asking the questions.

There are thousands of other types of vidoes.  I just wanted to give you a good start as you begin thinking about the type of video you want to do.  These are the most common videos for businesses, aside from just blatant commercials.

In the rest of our series you will learn some tricks and tips that will help you make vidoes that people want to share.  Why not get out a camera and shoot a fun video?  Then, you can share with us what you did.  I can’t wait to see it.

Make it happen and let us know what we can cover for you in this series.

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