Tue, October 15, 2019

Want Success?

Here is a video that asks the question, how bad do you want success?

The video is a preacher, but he does not use the Bible in this video.

It lasts 9 minutes and it is worth watching the whole thing.

Click here to check out the video.

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4 Comments to “Want Success?”

  1. Rober says:

    My thoughts on:

    Point 1:
    I agree you need to want it very badly, but it is not neccasary to practicaly impale yourself on your want. You should want it enough that your willing to spend the time to get it done, and IF it requires you lose sleep, or give up band, or stop spending 4 hours a day styling your hair, go ahead.

    Point 2:
    I see no problem with this. Why would you want to keep who you are, if you have an opportunity to become better? It’s almost like God telling you, “You’re dirt. You wanna be diamonds?” And you replying, “No. I’m fine being groty and covered in animal poo. Thanks.” It’s mainly about priorities.

  2. TBC says:

    You always have interesting thoughts, Rober. Thanks.

  3. Naticus says:

    I agree that you need to want success to be successful but I don’t believe you have to give up activities to be successful (especially activities that are school related and mandatory, such as band. A much better thing to give up would be to give up video games not band rober). I think activities can be flexible and you can work around them.

    As for giving up who you are for what you will be, I think that is a brilliant idea to live by.

  4. TBC says:

    I think commitment is the key. If something is important, you will make time for it. Commit to something and do what it takes to make it happen. You ALWAYS have time for what you WANT to have time for!


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