Mon, November 18, 2019

Where to Find Ideas for Your Business

Good foundations make good businesses. When creating a business, check out many public places, like post offices, grocery stores or even gas stations and schools. Often these places will have bulletin boards holding many needs and wants in the community. This free information will oft time be the basis of a teen business. What do people need a lot of?  How can you help? 

There are two ways to capitalize on this wonderful source of information:

  1. Use it as the basis of your business to meet the needs.
  2. Establish a co-op team using other professionals.

The easiest way to take advantage of the free information is to build your business based on a large demand. Call your ‘new’ clients and present them with a unique twist to your product or service. 

Aslo, you can use the wanted section to find out a common need or want within the community, and build a business based on that.

(article by Rober!)

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