Mon, November 18, 2019

Why not?

Too many people ask “Why?” Sometimes, teens just need to ask, “why not?”

Bare with me for a moment, but I love it on Phineas and Ferb (a Disney Channel show), when they ask the kids if the are too young to do whatever they are doing. Their answer, “Why, yes. Yes we are.” Then, the adults give them the stuff and the kids create something amazing.

We need to be a generation that is thinking like that. We need to make the whole world take notice that we have something to contribute to this big world we live in.

Teens today will be the first of the generations that can watch global events in an instant. Something can happen across the globe and in one minute, we can watch it. Today is the first generation where that is the norm. Your parents had to wait until the news came on each evening to see what happened. (Or they could grab a newspaper in the morning!)

So, I say all of this just to let you know you might as well do something. You really have little to lose and a lot to gain. If you start learning and taking chances now, you will surprise everyone with the knowlege and experience that you have.

Who knows? You may be the person that starts some little something that becomes a big something and changes the world. Yet, you can’t be that person if you don’t do something. So, go ahead, do it already.

Tell us what you would like to do.

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