Tue, October 15, 2019

You fill it in COMIC

I thought it would be fun if we posted a comic to see what kind of fun things you could come up with about business.  Look at the image and put a comment about what you think the guy is saying or should be saying. 

This one is wide-open for interpretation. It is simple, so be creative. 

I know you can do it, click on this article and fill in the comments.  (You know you want to!) 

Who knows, we may even send a special prize to some of our creative comments!

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2 Comments to “You fill it in COMIC”

  1. tyloid says:

    Stupid cuban computer i knew i should have bought a mac or dell, but no I had to get you! Every time I open up the internet, I keep getting “Hail castro” and links to “why comunism is a good thing.” I hate you computer.


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