Mon, November 18, 2019

Why you NEED meetings

I know what you are thinking:

“I will never run a meeting. I don’t even like meeting: it’s boring.”

Well, if you are going to do business, you eventually need to communicate face to face with more than one person at a time.

Let’ face it, anytime you need to make business decisions and there is more than one of you, it is a meeting.

If there are only two of you, it usually goes like this:
“Hey you wanna . . “
“Ok, let’s do it.”

That works fine, but then you have a couple of more people join you. The ‘you wanna’ does not work and you have to go into more details. People start asking questions. And there you have it, an official meeting is born. (Is it a boy?!)

I am not sure you need to buy a big table and have a huge office where you can meet. All you need is somewhere where you a your ‘partners’ can meet. It helps to have an agenda so everyone knows what you are going to talk about. And, if you get more than four or five people (or more than two or three projects), it may help to have some order.

We will be doing a few more posts on the subject of meetings: how to run them, how to handle issues, how to ‘win’ someone to your side and all of those fun things that help us keep from going crazy as our business develops. Keep an eye out for these and more articles.

In the comments, tell us your ‘meeting stories’ or let us know if there is there anything you would like to know about meetings.

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3 Comments to “Why you NEED meetings”

  1. Yokel says:

    What’s ‘Robert’s Rules’?

  2. admin says:

    We will be doing an article about Robert’s Rules, but basically, they are rules to help ‘govern’ or run a meeting more effeciently.

  3. Yokel says:

    Okay. Thank you.


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