Tue, October 15, 2019

Youtube Winner 2010

Youtube released their top 10 videos of the year.

I saw on the news that the top video of last year was the “bed intruder song.”  Basically, some guys took a man who was ranting on a new report after his house being broken into, autotuned what he said, added a back beat, then posted it.

This guy now has shirts, CD’s and all kinds of other things and has made enough money to buy his family a house!  ALL IN THIS YEAR!

What does that tell us about fame and fortune?  It is not about who has the most talent.  It is about who can market better.  If you look at all the ‘famous’ videos from youtube you will find a great marketing campaign behind them.   From merchandise, to twitter, the word spreads about these things ‘on purpose.’

Marketing is about spreading your ideas on purpose.  You want to let people know what you want them to know.

Sure, they may start with a video that a lot of people watched, but then they tweaked it to make it more.  They marketed it well and it has blown up bigger than ever.

If you want to be successful, you will need to learn to market.  You have to market yourself, your team, your product/service and your business.   You will want to be the best marketer in your group. 

Look at our articles under skills and marketing for some great primers.  Also, research things like ‘guerlla marketing’ and social media.  There is a whole big world out there waiting for you to tell them you are here.  Go out there and make a big splash. . . and if you have to autotune it to be heard, go for it!

From cows selling Chicken for Chik-fil-a to cavemen and geckos selling insurance, what is the best marketing that you have seen this year?


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1 Comment to “Youtube Winner 2010”

  1. Rober says:

    I like Peggy! He’s the kurdish man who appeared for Mastercard commercial. He was so off-the-wall, he started his own jokes, and gained Mastercard quite a rep.


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